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Alan Turco
Published by: Alan Turco on 19-Jun-19
Why Network Marketing Must Change or Die!

The title of this article may be a bit dramatic. But only a bit. If you have gotten involved in the industry relatively recently, say since 2000, some of what I write might be foreign to you. If, on the other hand you have been involved or were once involved back in our "heyday", you will know what I mean. 

Network Marketing has gotten so far away from its roots; from its purpose; from the way this business is supposed to be conducted, it resembles just a shell of its former self. In fact, the way MLM is conducted today, much of it resembles nothing more than glorified affiliate marketing.

Very few seem to know what REAL Network Marketing is anymore, except for the "Old Timers" in the industry. 

Let me ask you something: How do you think the most successful people in this wonderful industry built their businesses? I can tell you how they DID NOT build them. 

They did not:

Use Attraction Marketing

Buying Leads and Cold Calling

Beg and Pester friends and family (as Attraction Marketing "Gurus) like to claim

And the myriad of other stupid mind-numbing ways used today

Dexter Yager, arguably the most successful Network Marketer of all time (over $600 MILLION in commissions paid!) did not use what really amounts to the impersonal ridiculous ways many use today!

How then did Dexter Yager, Bill Britt, Mark Yarnell, Larry Thompson, Dale Calvert and others like them build their multi-millions and hundreds of millions of dollars businesses?  

What did these icons of Network Marketing understand about this business we don't seem to understand, allowing them to build not only large businesses, but Legacies and Empires? 

They understood the following:

Network Marketing is a people business. People are your real product. Not nutritional products, legal services, travel services or telecommunications. 
Network Marketing is about developing these people into Leaders. It's about people developing people.  
Network Marketing is about Personal Development. As my Mentor says, "Network Marketing is Personal Development with a compensation plan attached.
Network Marketing is about building relationships. 
Network Marketing is about getting to know people; finding out what their goals and dreams are; finding out their reasons why they are doing this business and tailoring their coaching and mentoring to what the prospect is looking for in their life, not what we want for them.

My belief, and the belief of many REAL Network Marketing Leaders, is the Internet has been a blessing and a curse.  

A blessing because it has allowed us to connect with others quicker and easier and has opened other avenues of marketing not even though of before. 

A curse because much to the dismay of the purists who love this industry, the Internet is being used as a replacement for good old-fashioned belly-to-belly connections which the REAL Gurus of our industry used to build their empires.

People joining the industry now, are hiding behind their computer screens, taking the personal element completely out of it; in effect making what they are doing, NOT Network Marketing!

An example of this is Attraction Marketing as is practiced now. In my humble opinion, attraction marketing has single-handedly changed the entire meaning of Network Marketing more than anything else has. 

I have bought into it before, but it never went anywhere. I guess deep down I knew what they taught was not right, which basically amounted to acting like someone you're not until you get to be someone you want to be. 

I think it is a deceptive practice at least, and at worst, a complete destroyer of Network Marketing.

"Old School" Network Marketers used Attraction Marketing, but it came about organically, as a result of those true MLM Leaders building big businesses and naturally attracting people to them.

They were not Posers!

One huge problem with the way Attraction Marketing is done today, is it does not duplicate. Duplication is pretty much the Gospel of MLM. Remember, it's not about what works, it's about what duplicates. Period. 

Much of the success of Attraction Marketers is based on personality. Personalities do not duplicate! Not everyone can be a like most of the Attraction Marketing "Gurus out there.

The only thing which duplicates is a system. Attraction Marketing is NOT a system (insofar as "real" Network Marketing systems go). It is a way of marketing which will work for only a small portion of those involved in Network Marketing. 

All that said, I will say this: I have no issues with marketing for prospects online obviously. My issue is with using ONLY online methods in order to find prospects, build relationships (what a joke!), sell products, build a culture, build Leaders, and everything else you need to do to build a real Network Marketing business. 

By all means, use online tools to build your business. You'd be foolish not to. But make it just one part of your overall prospecting system; not the whole thing! 

Use online prospecting with "Old School" methods for best results. Just remember, you can use online methods, but at some point, you will need to speak to someone and build a relationship with them. Doing it online makes NO sense whatsoever if you understand the true nature of this business.

Building relationships with your Team develops loyalty. Many join and stay in the industry simply because they are loyal and will continue to buy products. It happens every day.

If any other so-called "Guru" tells you any different, RUN! Cancel your memberships and stop listening to them.  

Now some of them will intermingle "old school" methods with "new school" methods, but still be careful. He/She should be teaching a good balance of everything. If they say things like, "Using my system, you won't have to chase after or beg family or friends, again, RUN! 

If you are chasing and begging, you are doing the business wrong anyway!

Truth be told, there are very few big names out there teaching the right way. I am sure there are many "little guys" out there too, doing it the right way. Eventually they will be big names too and will have better organizations than most. 

So, who should you learn from? I have a short list. I believe in the person who is currently my Mentor and the ONLY one I believe who can teach how Network Marketing is supposed to be done, and teach it comprehensively, truthfully, from the heart, without you paying out of your ass for all his teachings.

Most of his stuff is FREE all over YouTube. He has the BEST teaching I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. In full disclosure, I am NOT an affiliate of anything of his. I mention him only because, in my humble opinion, he is the ONLY Network Marketing teacher you should listen to. 

I know it's a bold statement, and I'm sure I am proverbially cutting my own throat putting myself out there like this but I LOVE this industry and I want to do all I can to get Network Marketing back to its roots. I have much more to say, but I will save it for other articles, at which I will expound further on the concepts I have talked about here. 

Okay, so what is my Mentors' name: Dale Calvert. His MLM Training Club is really all you need to be successful in this business. Also, in full disclosure, I do in fact at least attempt to learn from others, despite Mr. Calverts' advice. I can't help myself. I'm a knowledge junkie! However, I feel as if I can successfully discern between right and wrong teachings. But, that was only after watching, and listening to literally hundred of hours of his teachings. 

I say that because the basic concepts of MLM are the same today as they were decades ago and will be the same 50 years from now and beyond: This is a people business. People are your product. You build relationships with people. You develop Leaders. You create a community, a "family" of sorts within your organization. You cannot do that with some of the "new school" ways.

Okay, I have gone on long enough. Look for my other articles as I put them out, as I do my part to better the industry. I hope you will be inspired to do something too so Network Marketing will change and NOT die!